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Mechanical Traction Vehicle Taxes

Voluntary payment period during

The first quarter

Payment methods:

Payment domicile or at Caja Vital Kutxa

Sign up:

  • Vehicle Technical Inspection Card
  • ID Card

Sign off/Transference:

Must be paid on previous prosecution receipts.

Drinkable Water Supply Tax

Service Sign up:

Everyone interested should go to the Town Hall to be informed on supply conditions.Official forms will be filled and submitted at Town Hall.

Mandatory Documentation:

  • Payment Account Number.
  • Where claimant were not property owner, an authorization will be required.


60,10 €

Service Sign Off:

  • The user must notify one month before.
  • Supply renewal after a period of break may only be provided by new policy deposit.

Deposit policy change:

The claimant shall go to the town hall to introduce the new user.

Real Estate Tax (IBI)

Payment voluntary period

During the first quarter.

Payment Method

Bank Transfer or vouch Payment Method at Caja Vital Kutxa Council's Account.

Goods Variation compiled on this tax: Owner Change

  • Mortis causa: he inheritor must apply sign off and on declarations Notified on City Council within a month period from the Succession Tax termination date.
  • Intervivos: The receiver shall notify the city council within a month period from transmission date. Receiver name and address, adjoining regions and goods situation, transmission date and concept shall be as well notified.
  • New work: The claimant shall fill the corresponding sign up declarations, and if it were required the constructed property sign off, within a month period from new work declaration date.


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