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What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication is a format based on XML and specially thought for contents that change frequently.


It is an easy way for receiving a warning every time the web site you are syndicated to publishes new content. That way, instead of visiting a web site in order to search for new information, the RSS will automatically warn you about it, by sending the headline as well as the link for the web site where the complete content has been published.

RSS readers

In order to use RSS, you need to have installed a program called “news reader”, which puts into groups the new’ sources to which you are subscribed, and allows to look up its headlines from a single place.

You can find many free news readers on the net:

Once the news reader has been installed, you just need to take out a subscription for the information sources in which you are interested. In order to do it, you need to get the web direction (URL), which is normally indicated with the RSS icon, copy it and stick it in the place where the News Lector program indicates you. Often, you will have to add it in the “add new source” option.

Services with RSS that you can find in Gran Hotel Lakua’s web site:


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