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An mp3 audio tour of Labastida

This audio tour will allow you to visit Labastida by yourself as if you were being accompanied by a guide, and to walk through the streets speculating the architecture whilst learning about the town´s history.

What’s more, you can open an mp3 file containing a map of the excursion consisting of 3 routes. The audio tour is free.

Here you can download the audio tour of Labastida for free.

To download the audio tour

Important: the audio tour comes with a PDF document that you need to take with you in order to be able to follow what is being said. You can print this document at home or carry it around with you on your mobile phone.

The sheets are designed to be folded in half, making them easier to carry around in you hand.


Map of the excursion

The audio tour consists of these three routes:

Audio Tour of Labastida
Labastida (Old town) 1 hr.
12 min.
A walk through Labastida, from the chapel of Christ and the medieval quarters, up to the magnificent Baroque suburbs, the best conserved of the Rioja Region.
Outskirts of Labastida 7 min. The municipality has a rich archaeological heritage: chapels, cemeteries, winery caves….This short walk will give you a few ideas on how you can extend the visit to the outskirts of the town.
Salinillas de Buradón 26 min. A walk around this walled town, that has been declared ´Historically Conserved´ and today lies in the hands of Labastida.

When returning, if your route takes you by Victoria, we suggest that you take the road by Berganze y Peñacerrada, where you can discover interesting facts related to the history being given by the audio guide:

Return to Victoria through Berganzo and Peñacerrada Castillo de Ocio. The church of Berganze, built on a tower-house of Sarmiento. Peñacerrada, vineyards belonging to Ramírez de la Piscina. Fortified house of Sarmiento in the village of Loza.

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