Festivities of the Relics

Photo of the loud bang during the Fiestas de las Reliquías (Relics)Loud bang during the Fiestas

These festivities in honour of the Martyred Saints of Cárdena are held on the first Sunday in August, which falls between the 6th and the 12th.

Standing out among the live entertainment, there are brass bands, orchestras, mobile discos, theatre performances, bull runs, professional Basque handball matches, traditional song and dance and other attractions listed in the official programme that the municipal government publishes every year.

Thanksgiving Festivities in Celebration of the Grape Harvest

Fiestas in honour of the grape harvestCelebration

These festivities are held once all of the work involved in harvesting grapes is concluded, usually in mid-November. The highlights of these celebrations include music, playing-card (mus) championships, entertainment for the little ones and wine-tasting. For more details, see the Town Hall's official programme.




La Ronda

Photo of the bonfires during the Fiesta de la RondaBonfires during the party

La Ronda is a tradition that dates back to ancient times. On the 7th of December, bonfires are lit throughout Labastida's old quarter, with people of all ages coming out to join in the fun. Bonfires are lit by young and old alike, as well as by any other group that partakes in this tradition.

Authorities from the municipal government -including the mayor and councilmen- accompanied by a band of musicians make their way to all of the different bonfires, and later converge on the village square, where chestnuts and zurracapote are distributed to all those in attendance. La Ronda is celebrated on the night of December 7th.


Fiesta de la Vendimia de Rioja Alavesa

A wine glass pictureFiesta de la Vendimia

Every year, lots of people meet on the occasion of the Wine Festival, which is conceived to welcome the new harvest.

In the Festival, wine from different towns of the region can be tasted, together with snacks; and sport and recreational activities, for all ages, can be played.

In order to find out about the events, accesses, history, tasting and picture contests, Jai-Alai contest, etcetera, contact the web page.

You are all invited.



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