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Photo of Nuestra Señora de Remelluri S.A. Inside the winery

Granja Nuestra Señora de Remelluri, S.A.

01330 - Labastida (Alava)
Telephone: 945 33 18 01
Fax: 945 33 18 02

Telephone: 943 63 17 10

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Located in the municipality of Labastida (Rioja Alavesa), the Granja Nuestra Señora de Remelluri is a winegrowing estate dating back to ancient times that was formerly the property of the Monastery of Toloño.

The place known as "Remelluri" was originally a settlement founded in the 10th century by Fernán González's brother-in-law, Count Erramel of Álava. Remelluri, which is the Basque-language equivalent of Villarramel or Villarramiel, still conserves a necropolis that belonged to the early medieval community established there, as well as a cave that is perhaps the oldest vestige of viticultural activity in the area.

In the 14th century, the Granja de Nuestra Señora de Remelluri belonged to the Monastery of Toloño. The monks who received the faithful from across the region in the sanctuary erected atop Mt. Toloño lived at the Granja, or farmstead, where they cultivated grains and tended the vineyards. At the end of the 13th century, part of the grapes harvested from these vineyards were used by Dean Quintano who, using the methods he discovered in the Medoc district in France, made and aged red wines for the first time in Spain.

In 1968, the Guipuzcoa native Jaime Rodríguez Salís, attracted by the natural charm and beauty of the Granja and its environs, began his passionate enological adventure. He patiently rebuilt the structures which formerly belonged to the monks of the order of St. Jerome, restocking the vineyards with Tempranillo and Viura grape varieties selected from the area. Atop the rubble of the old monastic buildings, he would built what is today the winery of the Granja de Nuestra Señora de Remelluri. It is here where the grapes harvested from the Monastery's old vineyards are made into wine, aged and bottled.

Process of Elaboration

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Remelluri produces Reserve and Great Reserve red wines. The exceptional conditions of the climate and the soil, the orientation of its vineyards and its microclimate make it a privileged site for making and ageing wine.

The production of the Granja is limited to what the vineyards it owns currently produce: 550,000 bottles. The alcohol content and total acidity of its wines vary, but all of them have a hallmark taste. Standing out its most notable characteristics are its good structure and balance between tannins, alcohol and acidity. An elegant bouquet is another constant feature of the wines from Remelluri. Full-flavoured, highly aromatic and smooth, the alcoholic content of these wines ranges from 12.5 to 13.5º. They age extremely well and have outstanding personality.


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